Lumio® Platform

Banking Insight Architecture

Lumio’s Banking Insight Platform is a cloud-based data management and analytics service. Our banking insight service provides community-based financial institutions with customized, transformative workflow automation and data to uncover valuable insight.

High-value insight allows your institution to make better business decisions and gain a competitive edge.

1 Banking Data Sources

Banks rely on numerous data sources, including internal systems, digital banking, CRM systems, external data, and web services. Banking Insight starts with these existing data sources and integrates them into the data lake.

2 Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Data Lake Storage is a secure cloud platform that provides cost-effective and scalable storage for high-performance analytics workloads. This platform handles the most demanding analytics workloads allowing you to run large-scale analytics queries at a consistently high-performance level.

3 Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is an always-up-to-date, fully managed relational database service built for the cloud. Utilizing this database eliminates the complexity of configuring and managing high availability, tuning, backups, and other database tasks with a fully managed SQL database.

4 Power BI

Power BI allows users to create and share interactive data visualizations through a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI). The end result is an amazing data experience that makes it easy to visualize your personalized data.

Consumer Insight through Household Segmentation

Lumio’s Banking Insight Platform integrates key demographic data into its suite of products. By utilizing highly predictive demographic and behavioral indicators, Lumio Insight can provide valuable information on your banking customers to help you create more effective and targeted marketing efforts as well as predict the future needs about your customers. This demographic data coupled with the actionable insights provided by the Banking Insight product helps our bank clients make better business decisions and differentiate from their competitors.

Insight as a Service

Everything Needed to go from Data to Insight


  • Secure, cloud-based platform means no hardware to support and maintain
  • Leverages industry-leading, scalable analytics technology stack
  • Integrates critical data sources into a central, easyto-use repository


  • Access to Analytics Experts built into the monthly service fee
  • Available to build custom reports/analyses, map new data sources, or interpret results
  • Support professionals available for chat or online meetings at click of a button


  • Free, online Analytics Assessment tool to evaluate current state; plan next steps
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions ensure plans are set and progress is measured
  • Integrated User Help, Knowledge base, and Support Request tools


  • Take better control of data through defined standards, procedures and regulation
  • Define roles and responsibilities in relation to data use
  • Develop appropriate retention process of old and new data including sensitive data

Technology Partners

Lumio Insight is a proud Microsoft Partner, incorporating trusted Microsoft solutions into our Banking Insight Architecture. Our modular component solutions are supported by Microsoft’s unmatched technology portfolio to help your bank get the data it needs to uncover valuable insight.

The Insight Journey

The road to actionable insight.

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