Lumio® Solutions

Modular Approach

Our suite of products can be purchased individually, in bundles or licensed separately. Scalable service packages provide the business agility needed to respond to changing requirements in the market, in real time by integrating modules of automation and analytics as needed. The ability to customize your insight strategy and purchase only the products that address the specific needs of your institution, gives your bank the control to solve business problems and continuously improve the customer experience.

Deposit Insight

Understanding the nuances of your institutions deposit portfolio is essential to giving executives, managers, and front-line staff the information required to manage the bank and provide superior customer service.

Loan Insight

So, you’re swimming in an abundance of data…now what? Our loan insight takes core and other source data and transforms them into detailed visuals that revel trends, outliers, and comparative information to help your bank manage essential business.

Customer Insight

Our customer insight approach is designed to give banks visibility into the complete customer relationship. Using aggregate data from various touch points, banking staff are given the power to view and understand the make-up of their consumer and how to best serve them.

Financial Insight

Looking to monitor the overall financial performance of your bank? Financial Insight provides banks with the on-demand financial data and reporting banks need to measure real-time performance.

Banking Insight

Lumio’s Banking Insight Platform is a cloud-based data management and analytics service. Our banking insight service provides community-based financial institutions with customized, transformative workflow automation and data to uncover valuable insight. High-value insight allows your institution to make better business decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Analytics Platform

Secure, cloud-based data management and analytics platform provides freedom from antiquated systems.

Modular Approach

Modular approach to delivering insight means time to value in days or weeks, not months –Insight as a Service.

Actionable Insight

Actionable insights designed to help financial institutions understand at a deeper level and uncover new opportunities.

Experts Included

Time with our Insight Experts Team is included-customized roadmap of insights planned and delivered each month.

Flexible Delivery

Flexible delivery of insights –Lumio web app, email inbox, and Lumio apps embedded into other web-based applications.

Reseller Partners

Interested in integrating Lumio’s unique modular components as part ofyour financial technology solution? Lumio Insight has the ability be contentembedded into your technology solution to help you better serve yourclients. Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Insight as a Service

Everything Needed to go from Data to Insight


  • Secure, cloud-based platform means no hardware to support and maintain
  • Leverages industry-leading, scalable analytics technology stack
  • Integrates critical data sources into a central, easyto-use repository


  • Access to Analytics Experts built into the monthly service fee
  • Available to build custom reports/analyses, map new data sources, or interpret results
  • Support professionals available for chat or online meetings at click of a button


  • Free, online Analytics Assessment tool to evaluate current state; plan next steps
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions ensure plans are set and progress is measured
  • Integrated User Help, Knowledge base, and Support Request tools


  • Take better control of data through defined standards, procedures and regulation
  • Define roles and responsibilities in relation to data use
  • Develop appropriate retention process of old and new data including sensitive data

Time to Value is Important

Lumio Insight is ready when you are. Our applications contain a comprehensive library of analytics content, but you decide when and what to deploy. Take a phased approach or go all in from day one.

Executive Dashboards delivered to users’ inbox each morning

Branch, product, customer, and account performance reporting

Dashboards tailored to frontlines – Branch and Account Managers

Customer and account data is enriched with external data feeds


Discover how Lumio Insight has helped Community Banks like yours achieved better outcomes through insight.

Community Bank Customer A

The Lumio Insight team worked closely with our team to identify solutions that were tailored to meet our specific challenges by selecting the modules that met the needs of our bank. Not only were we able to get the data we needed, the Lumio Analytics Experts were there with us to help us understand and develop a meaningful insight strategy.

Community Bank Customer B

The insight we were able to gain from Lumio’s Banking Insight Platform was invaluable. It allowed us to see a clearer picture of our bank operations, leading us to make informed decisions about our bank’s strategic direction.

Community Bank Customer C

Banking Insight has helped us tap into all of the data we were collecting to gain a better understanding of our risks and opportunities to help put us on the right track of aligning that insight with our strategic growth.

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