Lumio Insight Secures Investment from JAM FINTOP

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024 — Lumio Insight, a data analytics, dashboarding, and reporting solution for financial institutions, announces an investment from JAM FINTOP (1), a venture capital firm advancing the mission of community banking through technology investments. This new capital is poised to fuel Lumio’s growth and further solidify its position as a key player in the banking data analytics space.

“Lumio is dedicated to empowering financial institutions to maximize their return on their most strategic asset—data. Our partnership with JAM FINTOP stands as a testament to our commitment to accelerating our growth and providing invaluable support to community banks,” said Jeff Fink, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumio Insight.

Lumio Insight addresses common data challenges faced by financial institutions. Many financial institutions grapple with disconnected systems, lack of internal resources to build complex data platforms, and an inability to leverage their strategic data assets effectively. Lumio’s data analytics, dashboarding, and reporting cloud service transforms financial institution data into actionable insight while also automating the manual processes most institutions struggle with when aggregating data from across their internal systems.

Fink added, “Lumio Insight is the single source of truth that provides timely, validated information and insight to users across the bank, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Our modular approach, featuring applications like Deposit Insight, Loan Insight, Customer Insight, and Financial Insight, empowers banks with enhanced reporting and data analytics capabilities for an affordable monthly subscription fee.”

“Our relationship with Lumio began through Project Fintech, a Nashville-based accelerator program that JAM FINTOP co-founded with First Horizon Bank and the American Bankers Association. Lumio’s commitment to transforming data into actionable insight aligns with our vision for what regional and community banks need. JAM FINTOP is excited to partner with Lumio Insight and contribute to their growth journey,” said Joe Maxwell, Managing Partner of FINTOP Capital.

The partnership underscores Lumio’s commitment to helping community banks overcome data challenges and better serve their customers by leveraging data analytics. Lumio Insight is poised for accelerated growth with the support of JAM FINTOP.

About Lumio

Lumio Insight is a cloud-based data management, reporting, and analytics platform for financial institutions. Lumio provides strategic applications that help institutions make more informative business decisions and gain a competitive edge. Our suite of applications contains data analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities that help uncover valuable insight with simple, powerful, and intuitive tools. We are more than a technology provider – we are your partner in uncovering the hidden value within your data. For more information, visit


JAM FINTOP is a joint venture between JAM Special Opportunity Ventures and FINTOP Capital. The partnership brings together bank experts and seasoned fintech entrepreneurs to invest in companies changing the way financial institutions and their customers move, track, and interact with money. For more information, visit

(1) JAM FINTOP is a brand name. When referring to investment funds JAM FINTOP refers to the joint venture between JAM Special Opportunity Ventures – Management (JSOV-M) and Nested Rails (d/b/a FINTOP Capital) as co-investment managers of those investment funds. JAM Special Opportunity Ventures (JSOV), an affiliate of JSOV-M, is a member of the general partnerships of JAM FINTOP investment funds.

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